2 tile walnut wooden tray

Walnut & glazed tiles

Our solid walnut tray with different patterned glazed tiles, adds to the beauty of your home with the vibrant color and naturalness of the wood. Its simple, functional form highlight the quality of its materials.

29 900 HUF
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unique decoration

This beautiful, large tray is perfect for any garden table, coffee table, ottoman and bedroom decor, or any other serving or decorating function.

careful design

Hand-applied with matt wax oil to ensure it is safe for children, pets and food. It contains no harmful substances and does not emit any unpleasant odour.

the perfect gift

It serves multiple purposes: as a serving tray on the breakfast table, as an ottoman in the living room, or as a candle and jewellery holder on the nightstand.

Product details

Walnut and glazed tiles.

50×26,5 cm

The price varies depending on the size of the tray. Guiding price: 29 900 HUF