3 tile walnut tray with handle

Walnut & glazed tiles

Create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness with our beautiful solid walnut tray combined with turquoise glazed tiles.

39 900 HUF
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unique decoration

Even tho it’s an everyday kitchen accessory, it means a lot to find the decorative piece that best suits your style and table setting.

careful design

Walnut is a very useful, special, environmentally friendly wood because it is aesthetic, durable, very resistant, and easy to work with. Combined with Pataki tiles, it can be the showpiece of your home.

unique textures

The smooth surface, textures and grains of the natural walnut wood are shown off to their best advantage thanks to the unique waxy finish.

Product details

Steamed European walnut and glazed tiles.

Can be purchased in different sizes.

39 900 HUF