Abstract coffee table

rustic European walnut

Our rustic coffee table has been given an almost visually challenging look. Nowadays it can be an essential addition to your home and is guaranteed not to go unnoticed.
114 000 HUF
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juvenile design

The black, curved steel legs make this piece youtful and captivating.

rustic tiles

The true Pataki style – a coffee table with unique turquoise tiles that resemble the blue of the sky and the sea. The rustic and extraordinary tiles will dominate the look of the table with their vibrant color.


The design is unmistakably modern and eye-catching. It is the harmony of materials, colours and shapes that makes it so special.

Product details

Rustic European walnut brushed in the direction of the fibre
Length: 95 cm Width: 55 cm Heigth: 45 cm
114 000 HUF