Unique built in kitchen unit

walnut & high-gloss furniture board

The usage of noble materials always reflects elegance, that is why we love to use walnut as a raw material for our furniture. Our custom-made solid wood counters can even be the perfect accessory for your kitchen. We can also make this space in our house special with a nice, sitting-on sink.
Guide price: 80 000 HUF/M
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Classic harmony

With a custom-made, personalized, solid walnut veneer, you can create a harmonious living space that is both classic and extravagant. Size of the piece in the picture: 145×90 cm Depth: 60 cm

Wonderful texture

We think accessories make the different spaces really unique and spectacular. We love when an object has a story. The wonderful texture of the natural material unfolds perfectly on our solid wood coverings.

Forever fashionable

With ArtMoon’s uniquely designed walnut furniture, we help you personalize your spaces in your home. For us, these are natural materials that never go out of style.

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