Candle holder

steamed walnut

Our rustically romantic walnut candle holders are available in a variety of sizes. Their surface has a delicate touch. This piece is also a unique handmade product that looks great on a dresser, bedroom or coffee table.

35 000 HUF
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Can be used for romantic dinners, candle lit wedding table decorations, on top of fireplaces and dressers, cupboards or even or on the floor, especially in larger sizes.


Bring a cosy atmosphere into your home with this nature-inspired decoration! By the light of a candle, you can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere in the room.

unique form

Thanks to the special design of the walnut laths, the light of the lit candle is projected as an abstract shape onto the surrounding surfaces.

Product details

Steamed European walnut

24x30x10 cm

35 000 HUF