Walnut & steel lampframe

We find choosing a lamp that gives enough light to attract the eye important. For this beautiful walnut piece, we wanted it to be the main design element of the room and not just a light source.

120 000 HUF
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The decorative light bulb, which glows on the crafted walnut laths, creates a special effect that makes it the perfect accessory for any living room.

Extraordinary form

Our unique, solid walnut chandelier is big and special, can function not only as a mood light, but also as an unusual shape that can be the perfect addition to any room.

Unmatched look

Lamps are not only wonderful accessories, they also set the mood of the home. By combining a design element with an unusual, special shape, you can create a unique overall look.

Product details

Walnut and steel lampframe


120 000 HUF