Solid walnut

In addition to its unique design, our solid walnut cutting board is specially heat-treated, so it will not deform over time and is more durable and resistant to moisture.

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unique processing

The walnut used for the chopping-board was treated at temperatures ranging from 180°C to 220°C for extended periods of time, resulting in minimised moisture content, increased durability and strength.

throughout heat-treatment

During the heat treatment, the cells of the wood are burned off, so that moisture can no longer be absorbed into the cell wall. The process is completely chemical-free and environmentally friendly, so this way it’s this impregnated wood is ideal for gastronomic use.


The walnut, thanks to it’s moisture, contains natural oils, so the fibres on its surface absorb the impact of the knife blades. This ensures top quality for a long time, both for the board and the knives used on it.

Product details

Solid walnut

The board can be made in different size, lenght and thickness.

The size of the board on the picture: 24×18 cm

The price varies from the size of the board. Price offer upon request!