Dining table

European walnut

The dining room is the most important place for family gatherings. The special pattern of the European walnut will define the style of your dining room! A touch of modernity is added to the classic interior, most notably in the style of the dining chairs.

700 000 HUF
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Light harmony

Our uniquely crafted solid walnut dining table harmonises effortlessly with any room, whether it’s bohemian or clean style.


The solid wood construction and natural wood colours give a stylish look and exclusivity to any room this piece of furniture is placed in.

Width: 200 cm

Depth: 118 cm

Height: 75 cm

Table top thickness: 4 cm

Production time: approx. 4-6 weeks

unique textures

No harmful substances were used in the preparation. The unique processing of the raw materials results in the highest quality and special textures.