Rolling stand lamp

Steamed walnut & Edison light bulb

This modern, wooden stand lamp will add a touch of uniqueness to any room. The dark brown walnut wood and the unique bulb complement each other. When illuminated, the shade gives the room a soft, beautiful glow.

165 000 HUF
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The wooden sticks are designed to form a hexagonal shape, which causes even more light to scatter around the Edison bulb, creating a kind of artwork in the space.

unique form

Our handcrafted lamps are not only simple lighting fixtures, they can also be used to define the space and decorate your home.

stable & mobile

Taking into account the size and robustness of the lamp, the base is equipped with four special small metal rollers, which make it easier to move and rotate in space.

Product details

Rustic steamed walnut and Edison bulb

Length: 80 cm

Width: 45 cm

Deepness: 45 cm

165 000 HUF