Walnut bed

Solid walnut

The most extraordinary harmony of style, material and pattern is reflected in our solid walnut bed, the perfect setting for the evening’s relaxation. This double bed is a standout piece in any bedroom.

555 000 HUF
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The solid walnut beds are very durable. Not only are they the highest level of naturalness but they’re also a pleasant sight for the eyes.


A source of light is essential in a bedroom. In the case of our solid walnut bed, this can even be done in style with light bulbs assembled behind the back of the bed.

Sweet dreams

The key to restful sleep starts with a well arranged bedroom: with the perfect, durable solid wood bed, you can get closer to creating the perfect relaxation zone by following ergonomic rules.

Product details

Solid European walnut

Total length of the bed: 207 cm

Total width of the bed: 190 cm

Matress size: 200×180 cm

The height of the bed back: 140 cm

The thickness of bottom: 5 cm

555 000 HUF