Walnut bookshelf

European walnut

Specially designed by Italian designers, this airy, lightweight, floating bookcase is made of steamed European walnut. Not only beautiful, but practical and sturdy at the same time.

390 000 HUF
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unique form

The 2 cm thick solid wood shelves with a unique design make this furniture eye-chatching.

innovative design

Thanks to the unique design, this bookshelf is perfect to arrange books of different heights, decorations and souvenirs. This way this stylish and effective bookshelf has various functions.

maximal space

Our open bookshelf looks great in the living room, bedroom or study. It’s the perfect place for your books.

Product details

Steamed European walnut

Height: 120 cm

Length: 100 cm

Depth: 20-22 cm

The thickness of the furniture-boards: 2 cm

The distance between the sections: 42 cm

The height of the sections: 28 cm

The height between the sections: 48 cm

390 000 HUF